The transmitter sends the vessel's position through the Argos worldwide satellite system. Wherever in the world the vessel may be, the satellites receive its messages and send them to you via the Argos processing centers. Messages, in confidential codes, can contain:

  • 24 hourly positions, and up to 12 additional positions
  • vessel speed and heading
  • catch reports from the crew,
  • special messages to request assistance
  • other messages such as estimated time of arrival

Products and Services for fishing vessel monitoring

Standard package
Vessel locations and catch reports, via Argos satellite constellation


Automatic Distribution Service (ADS) Databank
Results directly on your desktop, via e-mail, FTP or an X.25 data network. The ELSA program can automatically display the most recent positions on your screen. Up to the last six months of results on CD-ROM or diskette

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